This International Coaching Register has now been launched for members of the public to see who is and who is not a qualified coach. The register has been set up by the IIC who are one of the largest international governing bodies for coaches and coach training. The IIC were invited to create the international register to protect the interests of clients and consumers.

What is it?

The register is for any individual who trades as a coach, who help individuals and/or organisations for example, establish a work life balance, manage stress levels and build communication skills amongst many other specialist areas.

The register is for anyone looking to hire a coach. The register will great assist each client or organisation verify the qualifications of their selected coach.

This register brings coaching transparency.

Why does it exists?

Everyone who has qualified as a coach with a recognised coach training company should now take the opportunity to register. This will dramatically cut down on any misrepresentation that goes on within the industry. Many people have websites and call themselves a coach but have no actual qualifications. The register will stop these people and raise the profile of genuine coaching and how it can transform people’s lives.

This register brings coaching transparency.

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